Couples most often begin their partnerships with high hopes and even higher expectations.  After the initial excitement and passion cools however, individuals can find themselves disappointed with their mate and may begin to feel a loss of connection.

This loss of connection shows up in how couples communicate with each other. Eventually, arguing may begin and then, the blaming. Or sometimes partners go silent and shut each other out. Whatever the pattern, these adverse interactions become customary and undermine the original intent — to enjoy each other’s company, to feel understood, connected and supported.

When individuals are willing to recognize their disappointment and examine their role in hurtful patterns — good relationships are possible. Ideally, couples counseling offers a safe nonpartisan place to talk and listen to each other. As this kind of communication is practiced in therapy, it provides the avenue to address past injuries, resolve long-standing conflicts, and clear away the troubling debris that impedes honest communication.

Fundamentally, successful relationships occur when partners learn to talk, listen and understand each other effectively.


You can’t change things unless you talk about them. 

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