I am dedicated to working with people who want to get at the root of their life suffering and emotional distress.  In my experience, long-standing self-defeating patterns are at the root of most emotional sufferings. These patterns (or programmings) dissolve when there is sufficient room for them to be acknowledged and understood.  Dismantling these ‘old programmings’ makes way for new and better options — offering you a more satisfying daily life.

Analytically trained (Colorado Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, the Philadelphia School for Psychoanalysis and the New York Center for the Advancement of Group Studies), my approach is informed by affective neuroscience as well as orientations now replaying in trauma work, attachment theory and others. 

I hold a Master’s in Music from University of Houston, a Master’s in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and I am a licensed clinical counselor/supervisor in North Carolina and a licensed professional counselor in Colorado. I have 25 years experience in private practice working with individuals and couples. I also provide supervision and case consultation for counselors and psychotherapists in private practice or agency settings. 

Finding a good psychotherapist and/or supervisor is essential for this work to succeed. If you have an interest, you’re most welcome to schedule a consult to find out more about this process and whether we might be a good fit.   


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